A new little family


There’s this man in my life. He’s pretty awesome. He’s also shy and quiet, private, and would hate for me to ever talk about him in his “him”ness here. Just take my word, he’s pretty much the bee’s knee’s. 

The last eight months since he’s come  (back) into my life have been incredible and the most “grown up” and “me” I’ve ever felt. I’m not sure how I feel about fate and kismet (I think I’m a huge believer) so to me, it makes sense that he would crop back up into my life two days before my mom’s last chemo treatment. It makes sense that this relationship, THE relationship would happen in a time frame where I was a less-messy version of myself than I had been in months. In a place where I would finally have a little room in my life, emotionally and literally, for something that would change everything. This timing thing. It makes sense.

In the almost twenty nine years of my life, my nuclear family has been the end all be all to me. My parents – undeniably the center in which my world has always revolved around. The relationship with my sister a bit more messy, complex. There are days when I truly think we love each other more than we like each other. Two completely different creatures – this subject worthy of its own post alone. Just not today. 

So now at this point in my life I feel this crossroads. This new dance I’m doing around my new family and my old family. The juxtaposition of mixing these people in my life, proving to be a tricky thing. But I’m learning and I’m doing. I’m finding time for everyone, to keep these parts of my life separate when they need be, and together where I hope them to be. 



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