It was Christmas, then it wasn’t, then I got sad. Also : where the heck I’ve been for months.

I’m so terrible with consistency in so many aspects of life, that the fact that I take months-long hiatuses from this space (and my previous online space) shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. But, life has indeed been trucking right along. We got through the holidays with minimal stress, and even put away with no tears. I hate that part. This also may be because since I “put away” Christmas we’ve found two tree skirts, a large christmas decoration, and two wreaths that are most definitely not in their proper storage bins downstairs. Oops. Blame it on the Twilight Zone marathon I was watching while working away. I’m easily distracted. 


Also, this girl has been keeping us quite busy lately. Meet little Miss Palmer. Shes a blue Great Dane (NOT a weimaraner, if I have to explain that to one more person on the street I may just have her paw at them so they could get a measurement of their enormity, then all questions would be answered). She joined the household in October, as a sweet little 23 pound snuggle bug. Here we are almost three months later, and our sweet little snuggle bug has gained about 40 pounds and still can’t figure out what’s wrong with laying directly on your head. Like she used to. Um. Ok, pup. Ok. I may be biased, but she is quite possibly the sweetest canine known to man. We’ve been so in love with her since day one, it’s hard to remember a time when the house wasn’t scattered with toys, we weren’t woken up by incessant squeaking noises, and the backyard was fully intact. Turns out she likes eating the landscaping. We’re still working on that part. Really, there’s nothing better than standing in the kitchen then hearing gigantic paws bursting through the doggie door and across the hardwoods. Sister is excited all the time. I’m gushing. But I love her. 


Also new to the mix, is my new ride. I don’t get terribly worked up about cars. In fact, if I lived in a city where I didn’t have to own one and could just take a taxi, I would be perfectly content. I enjoy a road trip just as much as the next guy, but really, let’s face it. I drove a Toyota Yaris for five years and survived just fine. However, in the last year I have learned that cars are the boys thing. He loves them, and I say more power to him. So, this is the newest edition to the fleet. The orange interior makes me happy and it’s fun so all is right in the car world with us…for now.Image

2014 is my year of 30. I have until August, but I think it’s time to start rethinking the home-school-long hair I’ve been sporting for the majority of my 20s…and well, my life. Like any normal modern woman, I’ve turned to Pinterest as a source of inspiration and think I’ve settled on the above cut to take to my stylist. Fingers crossed she can pull off the cut and color. I’m feeling the need for a change. I would also like to guarantee that I will back back here, a few months from now, begging for ways to get my hair to grow faster.


This is just a pretty photo of the sunrise a few days ago. I’ve been thinking a lot about the New Year and resolutions the last week or so. I’m not generally a resolutioner, but there are so many things I’d like to do better, pay more attention to, and do due deligence to this year that it never hurts to say them out loud. 

Yoga. More of it. When I can. For my mind and my body.

Reading. I’m not sure what happened in 2013 (buying a house, selling a house, falling in love, moving states, etc) but feeding my brain really suffered. I have eight months until I start my graduate program so I need to get on the “pleasure reading” train quickly. 

Family Time. I’ve been terrible at getting to my parents’ (2.5 whole hours) home the last few months. I so value my time with them. I need to make this at least a monthly priority.

Food. Just better. And more. And consistent. And green.

Support. To everyone. Especially that lovely man in my life. With the insane pressures of his professional life, it’s my job to make his home life nothing but relaxing and safe. And remember to pick up my clutter. That’s apparently stressful. 🙂

Just be better. A better daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, and coworker. Just be better.

Here’s to 2014. Hopefully you’ll be hearing from me a bit more.


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